A good Turkish invention called Dolmus

What is Dolmus? It is a word pronounced as “dolemoosh”, meaning “filled” in Turkish (remember “Dolma”!) […]

Pedestrian survival kit for Istanbul… and for the rest of Turkey too!


Cars are king, pedestrians are nothing, cyclists do not exist… so, as a pedestrian, you need to give way to cars and not expect them to give way to you.

Officially cars drive on the right, but you can never be sure! Look both ways all the time.

Zebra crossings are meaningless unless there’s […]

Taxis in Istanbul

Taxi drivers are one of the very few down-sides of Istanbul. It’s nearly for sure that your taxi driver will not speak any other language than Turkish. It’s likely that they will try to overcharge you by taking a longer route. There will be no seat belts at the back and they’ll drive dangerously. They […]

Should I drive in Istanbul?

Istanbul drivers are quite aggressive and traffic is not light. Public transport (trams, dolmus, buses, boats) provide a cheap and frequent service that makes it possible to reach all parts of the city. In addition taxis are not expensive either. So during your valuable short-time in Istanbul you should enjoy what Istanbul has to offer […]