surprises and reflections of a recent istanbul visitor


Surprise: the cats of Istanbul. Cats are everywhere (except, evidently, indoors as pets), even in the restaurants. Turks and tourists alike seemed to like them and be caring for them. We even saw a tram driver […]

A good Turkish invention called Dolmus

What is Dolmus? It is a word pronounced as “dolemoosh”, meaning “filled” in Turkish (remember “Dolma”!) […]

Pedestrian survival kit for Istanbul… and for the rest of Turkey too!


Cars are king, pedestrians are nothing, cyclists do not exist… so, as a pedestrian, you need to give way to cars and not expect them to give way to you.

Officially cars drive on the right, but you can never be sure! Look both ways all the time.

Zebra crossings are meaningless unless there’s […]