Very important cullinary words that you should know by heart to enjoy Istanbul fully!

Cullinary words that are very important to enjoy Istanbul fully. […]

Lion milk called Raki: Love it or hate it!

Raki is the national Turkish drink. It’s referred to lion milk because firstly, when you mix it with water -many people drink it in this way- it turns into milk-white colour and secondly it makes you brave like a lion!

Basically, it is made of fermented grapes and it has a strong aniseed smell and […]

Marvellous winter drink: Salep

If you are in Istanbul in winter, you shouldn’t miss a cup of hot milky drink called Salep. One of the ingredients of Salep is ground wild orchid roots! Salep is available at most patisseries and dessert shops. One of the good places to try is “Mado” which is a Turkish patisserie chain and they […]