A good fish restaurant right on the waterfront: Villa Bosphorus

You’ll be very close to Bosphorus at this restaurant: so close that waves might roll over you sometimes! The restaurant is an old wooden mansion at Beylerbeyi, which is a pretty, authentic district on the Asian side of Istanbul.

Beylerbeyi is rarely visited by tourists but is in fact well worth exploring. If you decide […]

Is the Bosphorus a river flowing through Istanbul?

The Bosphorus is not a river but a sea-strait dividing Istanbul in the middle. It’s approximately 30 kilometers long, 1.2 kilometers wide and is salt-water. With its sea-smell, lapping waves and deep blue colours it’s definitely a sea, washing Istanbul with its salty cool breeze all the time. If you go to shores of Bosphorus […]

winter is the best time for delicious fish!


In winter, try not to miss the opportunity to eat lovely fresh Bosphorus fish in Istanbul. […]