does any dog own an apartment?


I’m not sure! What I know is everything is possible in Istanbul! This sweet dog you see in the picture lives in an abandoned historical building in Galata. The building has a heavy iron door… […]

Fantastic meze and fish plus roof-top views!


Doga fish restaurant restaurant has a simple formula: delicious meze (starters) and fish, great service with (if you book your table in advance) really lovely views.

The place is a bit pricy but if quality food experience is important for you, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to eat here. We recommend you to book […]

Best profiterole in the city

At least at one of your days in Istanbul you’ll most likely be at Istiklal street in Beyoglu. When you are there, do not miss the famous profiterole of Inci Pastanesi (Inci Patisserie). Inci’s profiterole is very famous in Istanbul and they have been around for long but very long time!

The other spot for […]

Which district is best for my stay?

The best districts to stay in Istanbul are Taksim-Beyoglu, Sultanahmet, Princess Islands and somewhere along the Bosphorus.


Pros: Culture and entertainment hub of Istanbul filled up with beautiful 19th century buildings. Many bars, restaurants, clubs, art galleries, museums, shops and many people. Contemporary and authentic. Full of energy. Transportation hub of Istanbul, so you […]

Where is the city centre?

The simple answer is Taksim. Not Sultanahmet, not Kadikoy, but simply Taksim is the cultural and entertainment heart of Istanbul.