istanbul during ramadan: party goes on!

ramazan dessert güllaç

You might be trying to decide whether it’s a good idea to visit Istanbul during Ramadan or not. Most probably you are asking some questions to yourself such as shall I find open restaurants? May I find some beer to drink?.. […]

to tip or not to tip!?

Tipping called “bahsish” in Turkish and it is expected at a moderate level. Restaurants, hotels, barbers are some of the examples that you are expected to tip. […]

Mobile shops in Istanbul


Sorry that we’ll not talk about mobile phones here! But, we’ll tell you the story of mobile street sellers. […]

A good Turkish invention called Dolmus

What is Dolmus? It is a word pronounced as “dolemoosh”, meaning “filled” in Turkish (remember “Dolma”!) […]

Very important cullinary words that you should know by heart to enjoy Istanbul fully!

Cullinary words that are very important to enjoy Istanbul fully. […]

What’s winter weather like in Istanbul?

Many people think that Istanbul is tropical. This is completely incorrect! Istanbul is cold in winter. It’s often rainy and on some days it’s snowy. So bring very warm clothes and winter shoes/boots! Brrr…

Pedestrian survival kit for Istanbul… and for the rest of Turkey too!


Cars are king, pedestrians are nothing, cyclists do not exist… so, as a pedestrian, you need to give way to cars and not expect them to give way to you.

Officially cars drive on the right, but you can never be sure! Look both ways all the time.

Zebra crossings are meaningless unless there’s […]

christmas in Istanbul


Christmas is not widely celebrated in Istanbul although you will see Christmas decorations around the main streets in a humble way. These are […]

Is the Bosphorus a river flowing through Istanbul?

The Bosphorus is not a river but a sea-strait dividing Istanbul in the middle. It’s approximately 30 kilometers long, 1.2 kilometers wide and is salt-water. With its sea-smell, lapping waves and deep blue colours it’s definitely a sea, washing Istanbul with its salty cool breeze all the time. If you go to shores of Bosphorus […]

Taxis in Istanbul

Taxi drivers are one of the very few down-sides of Istanbul. It’s nearly for sure that your taxi driver will not speak any other language than Turkish. It’s likely that they will try to overcharge you by taking a longer route. There will be no seat belts at the back and they’ll drive dangerously. They […]