istanbul during ramadan: party goes on!

ramazan dessert güllaç

You might be trying to decide whether it’s a good idea to visit Istanbul during Ramadan or not. Most probably you are asking some questions to yourself such as shall I find open restaurants? May I find some beer to drink?.. […]

Very important cullinary words that you should know by heart to enjoy Istanbul fully!

Cullinary words that are very important to enjoy Istanbul fully. […]

A good fish restaurant right on the waterfront: Villa Bosphorus

You’ll be very close to Bosphorus at this restaurant: so close that waves might roll over you sometimes! The restaurant is an old wooden mansion at Beylerbeyi, which is a pretty, authentic district on the Asian side of Istanbul.

Beylerbeyi is rarely visited by tourists but is in fact well worth exploring. If you decide […]

Fantastic meze and fish plus roof-top views!


Doga fish restaurant restaurant has a simple formula: delicious meze (starters) and fish, great service with (if you book your table in advance) really lovely views.

The place is a bit pricy but if quality food experience is important for you, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to eat here. We recommend you to book […]

A great hidden meyhane in a great hidden disrict


Huseyin’in Yeri, which means Huseyin’s place, is great absolutely authentic meyhane in Balat. The district is a very interesting and historical, it is not touristic at all, it is safe but poor. The restaurant itself (meyhane) is completely low key, people are very friendly, they offer cheap and very good food and mezes. If […]

Ice-cream man tricks!

Turkish ice-cream is made with sahlep -wild orchid root powder- and it is hand whisked with a long metal stick. […]

Dessert made with chichen?!

Are we joking? No! Two Turkish desserts have chicken breast as ingredient in them: One of them is Tavuk Gogsu, which means Chicken Dessert anyway, and the other one is Kazandibi which means bottom of the pan. More strangely they are both milk desserts and delicious! You must try them. You can find them very […]

Best profiterole in the city

At least at one of your days in Istanbul you’ll most likely be at Istiklal street in Beyoglu. When you are there, do not miss the famous profiterole of Inci Pastanesi (Inci Patisserie). Inci’s profiterole is very famous in Istanbul and they have been around for long but very long time!

The other spot for […]

Lion milk called Raki: Love it or hate it!

Raki is the national Turkish drink. It’s referred to lion milk because firstly, when you mix it with water -many people drink it in this way- it turns into milk-white colour and secondly it makes you brave like a lion!

Basically, it is made of fermented grapes and it has a strong aniseed smell and […]

winter is the best time for delicious fish!


In winter, try not to miss the opportunity to eat lovely fresh Bosphorus fish in Istanbul. […]