Champs Elysees of Istanbul: Bagdat Avenue

Bagdat avenue, in a way, is even nicer than Champs Elysees! Many visitors skip the Anatolian side -also called Asian side- of Istanbul completely. But if you’d like to see the biggest wealthy district of Istanbul then you should visit Bagdat avenue. Along Bagdat street you’ll see many restaurants, cafes, shops and many well dressed […]

Is it worth to visit Princes islands during our short Istanbul trip?

Spending some time on Princes islands must be a must for your Istanbul visit! Princes islands is a green untouched oasis in Istanbul. It is a great surprise and very hard to believe as well how these islands stayed so protected and so untouched considering their proximity to Istanbul.

There are four main islands Buyukada, […]

Which district is best for my stay?

The best districts to stay in Istanbul are Taksim-Beyoglu, Sultanahmet, Princess Islands and somewhere along the Bosphorus.


Pros: Culture and entertainment hub of Istanbul filled up with beautiful 19th century buildings. Many bars, restaurants, clubs, art galleries, museums, shops and many people. Contemporary and authentic. Full of energy. Transportation hub of Istanbul, so you […]

Where is the city centre?

The simple answer is Taksim. Not Sultanahmet, not Kadikoy, but simply Taksim is the cultural and entertainment heart of Istanbul.