Mobile shops in Istanbul

Sorry that we’ll not talk about mobile phones here! But, we’ll tell you the story of mobile street sellers. In Istanbul they still exist and they add so much charm and character to the city. Barbequed chestnut sellers, cooked or grilled sweetcorn sellers, vegetable sellers, fruit sellers are only some examples of them.

When women see the fruit or vegetable on the small-lorry, they take their baskets out of their windows and descend them with a piece of string. What a lovely view is this! Money is put into the basket, so the salesman get it and put the fruit/vegetable and spare money in. Another interesting thing with these salesmen is the way that they shout out their products to get people’s attention. They shout out very loud but nearly impossible to understand what they sell only with your ears!

In the past, when I was a child, we had more of them and the variety of the goods they sold was more too. These days it is hard to see milk-man, yoghurt-man, sahlep-man and boza-man on the streets (Sahlep and Boza are delicious winter drinks). The last two belonged to winter nights but they nearly extincted now, at least in Istanbul.

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