Champs Elysees of Istanbul: Bagdat Avenue

Bagdat avenue, in a way, is even nicer than Champs Elysees! Many visitors skip the Anatolian side -also called Asian side- of Istanbul completely. But if you’d like to see the biggest wealthy district of Istanbul then you should visit Bagdat avenue. Along Bagdat street you’ll see many restaurants, cafes, shops and many well dressed people strolling along. Generally speaking Anatolian side will give you a more residential feeling than European side. May be this is related to the fact that this part of Istanbul was used as summer residence with some beautiful houses in the past.

Bagdat avenue and coastal road run almost parallel to each other for around 9-10 kilometres. Sometimes these two roads get close to each other and sometimes get distant. The best part of Bagdat avenue is the part between Bostanci and Goztepe. So it might be a good idea to take a dolmus from Taksim to Bostanci. Dolmus stop is right next to Ataturk Kultur Merkezi (Ataturk Culture Center). Then you start your walk at Bostanci along the Bagdat street and end it whenever you are tired. You just wait along the street and one dolmus will stop to pick you up. Some of them go to Kadikoy, so make sure that you get on to Taksim dolmus. Or if you wish you go to Kadikoy and then take the boat to Karakoy or Besiktas.

In summer, don’t forget to bring your swimming suit with you! There are some small beaches along the coast road that you can swim.

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