Is it worth to visit Princes islands during our short Istanbul trip?

Spending some time on Princes islands must be a must for your Istanbul visit! Princes islands is a green untouched oasis in Istanbul. It is a great surprise and very hard to believe as well how these islands stayed so protected and so untouched considering their proximity to Istanbul.

There are four main islands Buyukada, […]

Dessert made with chichen?!

Are we joking? No! Two Turkish desserts have chicken breast as ingredient in them: One of them is Tavuk Gogsu, which means Chicken Dessert anyway, and the other one is Kazandibi which means bottom of the pan. More strangely they are both milk desserts and delicious! You must try them. You can find them very […]

Taxis in Istanbul

Taxi drivers are one of the very few down-sides of Istanbul. It’s nearly for sure that your taxi driver will not speak any other language than Turkish. It’s likely that they will try to overcharge you by taking a longer route. There will be no seat belts at the back and they’ll drive dangerously. They […]

Should I drive in Istanbul?

Istanbul drivers are quite aggressive and traffic is not light. Public transport (trams, dolmus, buses, boats) provide a cheap and frequent service that makes it possible to reach all parts of the city. In addition taxis are not expensive either. So during your valuable short-time in Istanbul you should enjoy what Istanbul has to offer […]

Best profiterole in the city

At least at one of your days in Istanbul you’ll most likely be at Istiklal street in Beyoglu. When you are there, do not miss the famous profiterole of Inci Pastanesi (Inci Patisserie). Inci’s profiterole is very famous in Istanbul and they have been around for long but very long time!

The other spot for […]

Lion milk called Raki: Love it or hate it!

Raki is the national Turkish drink. It’s referred to lion milk because firstly, when you mix it with water -many people drink it in this way- it turns into milk-white colour and secondly it makes you brave like a lion!

Basically, it is made of fermented grapes and it has a strong aniseed smell and […]

Should I buy Turkish Lira before I arrive?

No you should not. Exchange rates for Turkish Lira will be much better In Istanbul than in your home country. If you arrive by air, you’ll see exchange offices as soon as you get through passport control. Also in the city there are plenty of official exchange offices. In addition credit cards are widely accepted […]

Is capital of Turkey Istanbul or Ankara?

Many people would say Istanbul to this question but no; it is Ankara. Istanbul was the last capital of the Ottoman Empire but when Turkey became a republic in 1923, Ankara, which had previously been just a small village, became capital.

Apartments or Hotels? Which Accommodation in Istanbul Turkey is best for you?

Apartments offer a much more genuine experience of Istanbul, much more space, your own cooking area but on the other hand hotels offer you a daily house keeping service, breakfast, on-site staff but nothing comes free in the life! The other side of the coin, you pay for these hotel services although you might not […]

winter is the best time for delicious fish!


In winter, try not to miss the opportunity to eat lovely fresh Bosphorus fish in Istanbul. […]